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Technology of biodegradation ex situ

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What is biodegradation and how is it done?

Decontamination methods ex situ are based on extraction of contaminated soils followed by its removal through convenient decontamination method, for example, biodegradation.

The method of biological decontamination is relatively simple; it’s based on a fast biological decomposition of petroleum and other poly-aromatic hydrocarbons in soils, industrial sludge a construction materials, which are moved to a suitable place, called decontamination area.

The principal of decontamination is in directing the effects of biologically active components (active bacterial strains) on contaminants contained in waste – company uses approved DEKONTAM-3. Microorganisms having biodegradable abilities, even influence degradation of such factors like: concentration of harmful pollutants, concentration of oxygen, water content in soil, temperature, and absence of inhibiting substance. The technology of biodegradation of nonpolar extracted substances and aliphatic or aromatic hydrocarbons is based on the ability of certain bacterial strains to use undesirable compounds as a source of carbon and energy for its own growth. The certain microorganisms are able to utilize all fractions of petroleum and tar. This aerobic biochemical process gets ended by decomposition of the pollutant to harmless product of oxidation, CO2 and H2O.

The decomposition of organic substances using microorganisms is the most natural way of carbon circulation in nature. The output from the device is, in case of legislation limits fulfillment, a soil convenient for reclamation purposes either on terrain’s surface or for loading up underground space.

Offered services

  • Cleaning of soils and industrial sludge at the decontamination areas with biodegradation method
  • Remediation of polluted areas
  • Hydrogeological survey
  • Transport of contaminated materials
  • Cleaning and disposal of old tanks and fittings for fuel
  • Evaluation of professional liquidation certificate

Within old device reconstructions and crashes is often needed to solve problems of old ecological burdens such as: oil farms, reconstruction of subsoil of production halls, junkyards, oil pipelines, gas stations, old diesel pumps, railway corridors,
L.N.O GREEN offers complex services

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